Wednesday, August 11, 2010

day 11 - leaning into the afternoons



Isa said...

wherever this is in the world, I want to be there!

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I wish I was there! I live on an Island & yes it will be warm here today. But it's not like where you live. Love your site, so glad to find you. I look forward to shopping with you when your site is up & running & I also look forward to all your wonderful sharing on your blog.
Happy Day to you,

promding chamimay said...

i miss boracay.... so much!

looove your blog!!! i like the soft dreamy touch! makes me miss travelling soooo much! can't wait to give birth na para i can go back to these beauties with my new kaladkarin!!!

am a new fan and follower! hope you'll follow me too! here's my blogs: