Thursday, December 18, 2008

the mai tai


the mai tai shirt dress, Php 400 for orders & inquiries, email


a beachbaby's day


how do you celebrate a beachbaby's birthday? wear your favorite from the beachbaby, hop on a paraw and go sunset sailing!


birthday girl jof with her sister dang who came all the way from the city.
jof wears the wrap & dang dons the mai tai.


we end the night with a cake party no less! sweet.


Monday, December 15, 2008

spring awakening


it has been a long time since we blogged. this beachbaby has been quite busy, heading to other beaches & surfing under the sun. we've also been quite busy for next year's collection. new & exciting things are brewing up, be sure to watch for it! and although the holidays aren't over yet, spring is already in our minds. right above is one of our inspiration boards for our upcoming spring collection.

(photos from stella mcartney, the sartiorialist, the cherry blossom girl & green2greener)

Friday, November 28, 2008

See The Beachbaby at Corinthian Gardens Annual Christmas Bazaar!

Nov 29 & 30, Saturday & Sunday at Corinthian Gardens Club House. See us from 10am to 7pm. Get a load of our intoxicating Beach Cocktail collection ~ Mai Tai Shirt Dress, Margarita Tunic & Mimosa Maxi Dress ~ and our much loved classics ~ lounge pants & capris ~ all in 100% pure cotton.

See you there!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

the margarita

the margarita tunic from the beach cocktail collection

for orders and inquiries, email

Thursday, November 06, 2008

the wind is back!

rain or shine, i love living on this island. but i have to say that
amihan is my favorite season.

when the winds come the place is transformed. on the other side of the island where i live, kites begin to find their way across the sky. my kite-boarding friends trade late nights for early mornings.

imagine waking up to this. it's absolutely breathtaking.

here's hoping the wind sends you a dose of sunshine & some island love.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


october is usually a month of transition. when it's not quite habagat (monsoon) and not quite amihan (windy season). the rains have not really stopped yet, the winds would come then go & the sun would decide to peek now and then. this is one of those days. seemingly habagat when the sky is filled with clouds & the light casts a dreamy blue air. then typically amihan when the white beach is calm and the paraws (our local sailboats) are aplenty.

we walked to the south end & back, where the flurry of tourist activity started to slow down & local life began.

and there goes another lovely day in the life of a beachbaby.

Monday, November 03, 2008

the wrap

this beachbaby works as a wrap dress & a wrap skirt.
comes in white, yellow, caramel, aquamarine, black & blue green.
for orders email

Sunday, November 02, 2008

off to neverland

on hallow's eve, the beachbabies decided to go as peter pan & the lost boys.

that's jof with denise as the lost boys

me as peter pan

oh & tink came!

the beach was like a scene out of a sci-fi historical retro hippie fairy tale movie. the rain didn't do anything to dampen the party. eventually the skies cleared and gave way to a beautiful sunrise.

what better way to end halloween than with a new day at neverland.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

clean as we go

having lived on the island for almost 4 years, i've gone on many long walks along the beach, whined on too many times about the trash & stooping down countless times as i will myself to pick up one dirty piece at a time.

today however was the first day the beachbabies did it together.

jof wears gauchos in chocolate brown

i'm wearing my tie front skirt in blue green

there's so much trash out there, on our lovely beach. it's not like most people throw candy wrappers, grocery bags, cigarette butts, beer bottles and the occasional old toothbrush in their own backyard. people fail to see that this island, no matter how much of a tourist destination it is, is also other people's home. our home.

we can think of reason after foolish reason why anybody would want to leave that empty bag of chips lying around, instead of finding a trash can to throw it in or stuffing it in their own bags for them to throw into a proper garbage bin later. beyond these reasons, i can see no logic, nada, as to why anyone would want to destroy a place as beautiful as this. or worse, how some can turn easily turn a blind eye and not care.

it means there's more work to be done. we can all do our part. bring your own portable ashtray; say no to plastic bags; and clean as you go.

please join us in keeping our beaches clean. it is for each and everyone of us.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

the beach is our playground

ianne runs with sunshine in a wrap around tube top that doubles as a wrap around skirt (i know, it's genius right?) while carla looks on in fuchsia gauchos.

a day in the life of a beachbaby

it was a fun afternoon at the jungle bar, our friends' newest beach shack on the other side of the island - bolabog beach. the shoot went really well, thanks to the enthusiasm of the young beach bums

ok they were a bit shy at first, but very cute nonetheless :) we also enjoyed a typical merienda of banana cue which we devoured by the time this photo was over.

it was also our first shoot with our new partner, jof (in the black maxi dress). who happens to be our photographer's baby sister :)

but hands down, the star of the show is literally a beachbaby, bugsay

isn't she the cutest?

introducing the beach cocktail collection

Mai Tai Shirt Dress

Mimosa Maxi Dress

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

meet the newest beachbaby

meet jof, the newest addition to the beachbaby :)

the 2 nikkis are happy to have you on board!