Saturday, October 25, 2008

clean as we go

having lived on the island for almost 4 years, i've gone on many long walks along the beach, whined on too many times about the trash & stooping down countless times as i will myself to pick up one dirty piece at a time.

today however was the first day the beachbabies did it together.

jof wears gauchos in chocolate brown

i'm wearing my tie front skirt in blue green

there's so much trash out there, on our lovely beach. it's not like most people throw candy wrappers, grocery bags, cigarette butts, beer bottles and the occasional old toothbrush in their own backyard. people fail to see that this island, no matter how much of a tourist destination it is, is also other people's home. our home.

we can think of reason after foolish reason why anybody would want to leave that empty bag of chips lying around, instead of finding a trash can to throw it in or stuffing it in their own bags for them to throw into a proper garbage bin later. beyond these reasons, i can see no logic, nada, as to why anyone would want to destroy a place as beautiful as this. or worse, how some can turn easily turn a blind eye and not care.

it means there's more work to be done. we can all do our part. bring your own portable ashtray; say no to plastic bags; and clean as you go.

please join us in keeping our beaches clean. it is for each and everyone of us.

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