Friday, April 24, 2009

made with love

it's been a long while since we blogged but that doesn't mean we've been lazy. quite the opposite in fact. i've been on the road for four months, traveling in part with fellow beachbaby nikkibee; while jof had been soaking up the sun on our little island while bringing the beachbaby into the islanders' closets.

these past few days we've been working on our newest line, stitching happily away, taking some of the beachbaby staples (like the kaftan pictured below) and turning them into one of a kind items oozing with handmade goodness.

my dear friends & fellow beachbabies, a peek into our newest line Made With Love.

Another great news: we'll be in the Rockwell Urban Mom's Bazaar on May 1 to 3. See you there! Spread the love :)

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