Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lots of Love


The Beachbaby is going to give away to its first 20 customers a cutesy lots of love super mini-pouch stuffed with organic cotton (locally sourced) and lavender buds (all the way from Provence!) Perfect to hang in your cabinet to keep your clothes smelling good or simply for blissful sniffing! Its made with love by yours truly, so come swing by tomorrow and this weekend at the Rockwell Tent from July 30 - Aug 1 (Friday to Sunday) for the End of Season Bazaar! :)

Rain or shine, it will always be beach weather! See you there :)

lots and lots and lots of love from the island and the city,
the beachbaby crew

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Looking forward

This August, The Beachbaby is taking part in Susannah's August Break ~ a fun way to be more active in the blogosphere. Each day for 31 days, The Beachbaby will be posting a photograph on this blog along with over a hundred other creative spirits. The idea is to be more present during the summer, which is monsoon on our side of the world by the way, by capturing moments that may otherwise be taken for granted.

We're excited to start clicking and sharing and seeing beautiful pictures from all over! :)